In a few hours, tallies from the polls will start rolling in.

Anxiety is high, our nation is divided, emotions are on full blast.

In the morning tomorrow, we will rise and go to work, we will rise and meet up with friends, we will rise and turn on the radio or the TV, we will rise and run errands, we will rise.  A new president will be elected and there will be those claiming victory, those enduring defeat, and those who didn’t like the choices to begin with.  When you rise tomorrow, when you head to work, when you encounter a friend, when you chat with the check out clerk or a stranger in line — choose love.  Choose words and thoughts that express love.  Rather than dividing our nation further, choose to come together in love.

What if your social media post tomorrow wasn’t about celebrating “your” candidate’s victory but instead embracing those who didn’t see the outcome they wanted to?  What if your social media post tomorrow wasn’t complaining and anger towards “the other side” but instead expressing hope for our nation to come together as one?

I do have hope that this nation can overcome its divide.  I have hope, that no matter who is declared president while I am sleeping tonight, that tomorrow we can put our differences aside and attempt to heal the rifts that this election season has wrought upon our nation.  I have hope that we can begin to see our different opinions and beliefs not as building blocks of anger but as tools for compromise.  I have hope that we can open our eyes and realize that just because someone holds a different system of values doesn’t mean that they harbor hate towards others.  I have hope that we can learn to love one another, love everyone, no matter their opinions, beliefs, history, mistakes, lifestyle, morals, or values.

The reason I have hope is simple.  Tomorrow morning, when I wake up, my ruler will be the same.  Jesus will still reign as King.  God is still in control.

Jesus calls us to love.


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